Wartune title system

Wartune title system as the best way to prove the strength of its powerful players, it will always appear in the role of the head. No matter anywhere, at any time along with you, highlighting the strength of your personality.

[Title] to get:

Title different pathways available to it are also different. Players needed to achieve the title of a specific condition, immediately get the title.

Wartune, click the portraits, or open the bag, open the “Properties” tab, the title of the currently displayed, now that you are equipped with the title.

Click the “Query” you can check all the titles have been acquired and are not. Each player get a title can be displayed in the title list. Select the title you have acquired, click the “equipment” button, you can successfully equip this title.

[Title of show]:

Players can choose a title has been obtained, the display on his head, and off the top before replacing the title.

[Title of show]

Wartune, a title not just in the head showing. The title will also be some special challenges interface display, so no matter where you are, you will be known to everyone! Improve visibility across the board.

[Honorable title]

In Wartune, some very rare and noble title scarce, full-service players can only have a distinguished exclusive. However, the full-service all players can fight yo, maybe the next one has a noble title is you!

In these noble title, the worse the special light effects will appear at the top of the head is displayed, along with chat channels to speak, there will be a magical light-emitting display. Has really exudes! Unique Yeah!

[Title list]

Wartune can get all the title will show all in the title list. The default title list for classification label display, a list of currently divided into five tabs. The title has not yet been displayed in gray.

The title has been activated, you can always equipped in the head.

[Reward across the battlefield]:

Players have the opportunity to enter the battlefield 10 times a day, but only the first two times to get the chest and settlement incentives battlefield gains. Number is exhausted, mining and honor only integral gains, no battlefield chest and settlement awards, daily 5:00 to reset the number of times earnings.

You can get a lot of medals to participate in the battlefield and honor, you can also get rewarded battlefield chest.

Players participating in the inter-service battlefield, kill the other camp, players can get the corresponding inter-service points. Players can view their cross-service integration in the inter-service Heroes, every Saturday early morning inter-service systems integrator based players this week total access, giving the players sent a mysterious chest and out of print titles rewards !

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