Wartune Fashion System

Wartune across the battlefield, can be said to embody the best play, the biggest feature is the full personal combat platform data exchange, realized through without resistance, barrier battle! He can serve different areas of the players converge on the same battlefield, fighting for their own goals and honor it!

Inter-service war, imminent!

[Cross-service battlefield open time:

13: 00-22: 00, and each time punctuality open battlefield.

[Rule across the battlefield]:

The new cross-service PVP battleground, 30 open battlefield by the player classification, according to 30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70-80 divided into five segments battlefield grades, the corresponding level players only enter the battlefield area corresponding grade segments, each serving different zones can face players.

Each battle can only enter a maximum of 30 people, divided into two camps, players enter the system randomly assigned to the camp.

Every 30 minutes the open battlefield, battlefield camp integral difference reaches the end of 5000 battlefield sharing in advance.

Resources, transportation, or kill enemy players can increase the camp guards and personal integration.

At the end of the battlefield time, integrating high camp to win the party camp.

Get inside the battlefield honor, honor can be viewed in the properties of the interface or the battlefield.

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