Wartune enhance combat capability Divine Comedy Suite selection method  

Fighting force is the most intuitive strength of the performance of a lord inWartune game, although fighting force and do not represent an absolute winner when the real showdown , but to enhance the combat capability of each player is still pursuing. The key aspects of the various aspects of the equipment, horse, Star Games , gems , etc. are fighting force of the impact , including with regard to equipment , in addition to the level of additional property and equipment , the equipment is also very important , a good property than the property can increase a few bad ten or even hundreds of combat power .And Wartune enhance combat capability Divine Comedy Suite selection method.


For general integer suits and Arena suit , every piece of equipment you can have five random properties , the initial property should not make people completely satisfied , which were required for the purification equipment . The purification operations are carried out in the blacksmith shop , blacksmith shop after opening the fourth tab card is the purification project . Select a purification of the equipment you want to spend eighteen appropriate level of purification of the stone , you can randomly get five new property and equipment , according to the different needs of choice is not asked to replace the original property. Purification of stone can be purchased at the mall , you can also break down the equipment obtained a copy of a copy of the single and multiplayer obtained . If the equipment is bound decomposed purification of stone is bound ; equipment is not binding, the purification of stone decomposition is obtained unbound . When succinct and equipment, may not be what time is five attributes are perfect , then you can choose to lock the purification of a strip properties again , of course, take the diamond locked property .What properties could be good attribute ?

\Each property has star ratings , the same star property is naturally better. If the property has added strength, intelligence , armor , and other physical properties are good , because the power of intelligence in addition to a corresponding increase in physical attacks or magic attacks , but also to increase physical defense or magic defense ; Armor will increase at the same time physical defense and magic defense , physical life can be increased . Others are simply increasing the number of attacks and defenses and the properties of life, you can choose according to need career . For shooters , increasing crit is also a good attribute , the soldiers can leave the property to increase parry . As commander of the property increases , that does not make much sense . After the purification by obtaining the appropriate property , a piece of equipment considered perfect , and sometimes simple numerical increase combat power is not the only consideration , or to the comprehensive career and its own characteristics to choose the right property.

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