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Thanksgiving has come! Are you ready for the fireworks and the turkey?1

Thanksgiving Day is a day to give thanks for everything we have, a day to reunite with families and friends, and a day to share our happiness with all DDTankers. On this Thanksgiving DDTank wants to send our greetings to all of our players.
Since its launch, DDTank has been supported and favored by many players who are fond of casual competitive games. The accumulative login number is over one million, and daily login number of all severs is more than ten thousand. We are so glad to see players enjoying DDTank worldwide. In DDTank, you can compete with different players. Using easy keyboard controls, you can control your character and tons of fun features!
DDTank has come this far thanks to every DDTanker’s help. To show our gratitude for your long-lasting support, there will be a Black Friday event from 23rd November to 30th November. A lot of items will be sold at large discounts. Do you want to know more about these items? Please follow DDTank’s official website.

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DDTank Mobile is Coming Soon!

DDTank Mobile, the only authorized mobile version of DDTank, will be launched this May as one of the most expected turn-based shooting games of 2015 for IOS and Android.

Grafted From Smash Hit Browser Game. the Classic DDTank Legend Continues!!
DDTank Mobile is the first real-time, competitive shooter mobile game of its kind. The games offers offline and online modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and instant multiplayer action with players from across the globe.


DDTank mobile preserves the basic features of the browser version, but offers you a new way to enjoy the game in a smooth and fluid experience.

It maintains the same challenge system, Checkpoints and features. Players will be able to meet with familiar enemies, activities, EQP and systems. But DDTank Mobile has also developed new functions, simplified complicated contents and optimized the appearance and design of the game.

Meanwhile mobile version maintains the original interfaces now optimized for mobile devices. It simplifies features and offers a faster loading time. The offline mode will be especially useful for users with network connection issues.

[Inheriting the basic features of the browser version]

Focusing in design and playability, DDTank has achieved a great reputation internationally. DDTank Mobile implements DDTank’s features and unique style, and allows players to experience the game again in a new way.


[New Game Modes] Mobile games face many challenges when adapting to different devices. But DDTank mobile version breaks the traditional game experience and offers offline PVE and online PVP modes. Players now can not only still play offline, but also get online to challenge other players.


DDT Academy and the Labyrinth are the new features available in DDTank. In DDT Academy, you can play Classic Battle Rivals, Challenge Training and Survival Mode. And in the Labyrinth you will find lots of new dungeons to challenge. Both can be played offline and have points as rewards. The points received can be used to exchange for items and Chests online!

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The Gulus Meet Messi –The Perfect Team is Made From DDTANK Mobile and F.C. Barcelona


DDTANK Mobile has been has made great progress in 2015 working with international brands! Thanks to its cooperation with renowned overseas game distributor Proficient City Limited and the branch office Now to Play Games in Barcelona, DDTANK Mobile is happy to announce that it has acquired authorization to work with top football club – F.C. Barcelona!

F.C. Barcelona team equipment, EXP potions, football weaponsand necklaces will be soon released in  DDTANK  Wiki Mobile(Chinese Version). Each item will sport the F.C. Barcelona team logo and some will allow players to transform into their favorite football stars including Messi, Neymar, Xavi, and Iniesta! How awesome is that?! These football stars will grant players amazing powers to help them defeat the dreaded Gulus! Please pay close attention to DDTANK Mobile, listen for more details, and get ready to playwith F.C. Barcelona’s football teamin March!


Futbol Club Barcelona is located in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded on November 29th, 1899 and is one of the most successful football clubs in the world.

Angame Inc. is focuses on mobile game development and operations. The company has publisher several games in the international market and released the well-known turn-based shooter DDTANK Mobile.


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DDTank2 beta review: not old myth


DDTank2 once again remind everyone of the game enduring charm. ” Riding trip” undoubtedly set a monument to the great achievements of the game. The new revision of walking the hall , Hyun handsome cool pull the flying mounts , more perfect beginners guide , top shells hegemony …

Game Name : DDTank2

Development team : Seventh Avenue

Game category: Casual Athletic

Game screen : Q version , 2D 

Operations Status: beta world premiere

[ Game Description ]

DDTank family status page travel industry , but for all to see . Bouncing Church from the earliest to the DDTank2, Bouncing Church family for so many years is still popular as ever . As Q- shooting -sports web games , DDTank2 been hailed as the majority of gamers set version Fengkuangtanke and Adventure Island . Variety of cool weapons , shells and amazing effects , rich against the competitive mode , players have won the love of the game , the development of Chinese history tour page monthly income of billions of dollars of the game is not covered ! The world premiere of this DDTank2 beta , not just for new and old players love feedback , it is a re-creation of the game in this series .

[Gameplay ]

Even if it is placed in a pile of casual sports games , DDTank operation is absolutely simple enough . The basic control of the game just ” up and down ” and the “space” five keys can be buttoned , many complex tactical play by these keys can be achieved , reducing the threshold to use . Number keys ” 1-8 ” and “z / x / c” are key props , plus offhand “r” and nirvana , players can take advantage of these simple operations play a more ornate tactics. The paper airplane setting also adds a lot to the game of tactical combat flexibility.

The DDTank2 Official Website :http://www.ddtank.us/

DDTank2 beta review: not old myth


DDTank2 outside the new updates , we then talk about the quality of the game itself now.


With the accumulation of this series of games , we can say DDTank2 on PVE and PVP gameplay is quite mature and rich . Double singled , team fight , single copy , a copy of the team …… PVP and PVE gameplay can be described as all everything. Greatly play this one played 10 minutes , so rich and varied play, copy , other games can be said to catch up. It is also because such a wealth of gameplay , just let this enduring series of games


, 9 minutes fighting game A lot of fighting and fighting props buff is an important component DDTank2  Wiki fatal charm . Rich said the fighting temporarily props, alone on a variety of combat buff people excited , additional attack , damage gain recovery team , team stealth, changing wind …… all sorts of diverse sound buff let battle full of suspense . There are other conventional paper airplane and nirvana skills to combat strategy has become more flexible.


3 , the game screen 8 points Bouncing Church Series is arguably one page Q Meng leisure travel Pathfinder , of course , is one of casual Meng Q most successful tour page . Game characters big face , big eyes, small body art set , I do not know how many female players Meng turned female players of all ages also let the beauty of the game players high gold content , it can be said Meng Q lively picture of this series is successful one of the cornerstones . DDTank2 or choose to follow a 2D screen before , but now , after all, the power of the 3D era , so the picture that a small series also had to give it 8 points .

4 , equipment system 8.5 DDTank2 equipment system is undoubtedly its rich . After all, the previous generations have accumulated works , DDTank2 props both in quantity and in kind are very rich. Of course, these props and equipment are also maintained a reasonable price , and equipment to strengthen the material unlike other tour page so pit father . More importantly , each of which has a specific weaponry barrage of gunpowder , it makes the fight even more gorgeous. 5 , Fashion System 9 points In the Q version of the game , the fashion is definitely a go around the topic. DDTank2 fashion page travel system called the ” Fifth Avenue ” , followed the work of previous generations rich fashion props, plus the regular fashion props development , DDTank2 fashion props rich Xiaobian not tired above the .

[Overall Games ] Bouncing Church as the latest sequel series , the game quality DDTank2 naturally guaranteed. In continuation of the classic at the same time before ,DDTank2 also has no small change. Called the king of the game in the Q version of casual athletic page tour , and can be made so much innovation is not easy. But , after all, still left in the past DDTank2 deep skill , today there are a wealth of updated and optimized . Recently the enthusiastic response for beta players , is its enduring charm of a true portrayal of it. As a cross-border evergreens page tour multiple times , DDTank2 who has a lot of things , now that the page tour R & D needs to learn. The DDTank2 Official Website :http://www.ddtank.us/


Mengzhan struck DDTank2 Pocket Edition Passion stop fun in athletics


Earth has been unable to stop DDTank2 Pocket Edition footsteps of grand debut! In DDTank2 Pocket Edition you can not only dress up their own unique style, but also to experience all kinds Q adorable characters and scenes to bring the visual satisfaction, in addition DDTank2 Pocket Edition also makes various Mengzhan Shuangwai, let them go! Now let us come together and enjoy unprecedented new Mengzhan experience! Bouncing Church passionate journey has been opened, you have to do to win the title of king bomb prepare it? Extreme bomb next king will you?


[Strongest] Boss Battle

VIP 7-level players can take in a certain number of points expedition pier opened coupons boss battle, BOSS open war, you can go directly to a copy of the final hurdle to kill BOSS. Under the copy mode, players must get past a series of checkpoints successive final defeat BOSS to get the final victory. After the victory of the game settled interface, players each have two chances, click flop flop get rewards, incentives include strengthening stone, synthetic stone artifact fragments or other incentives. Copy kill NPC also have the opportunity to obtain rare loot.


[Coolest copy mode]

You can select multiple copies of copy mode to fight, but different copies have different level restrictions, only achieve the required grades to enter. Copy mode, each copy has a different degree of difficulty. Under different difficulty, various properties of monster blood, defense, attack, etc. are not the same, the higher the difficulty, the stronger monsters. And all kinds of incentives can be obtained at different difficulty will vary by Heroic have access to a variety of artifact or artifact fragments reward.


[Stimulus] expedition dock

Expedition Pier PVE can fight with other players, currently only open a copy of the battle mode. In the copy mode, players can participate in together with other players in different copy of the difficulty, get loot, teamwork, fun unlimited! Let your opponent crap out of it, all in DDTank2 pocket edition.

[Moe Lord of War, Pocket showdown]

Q DDTank2 is a multiplayer online casual sports game. Intense competitive confrontation, simple gameplay, allowing you to experience during the game to pure, healthy, enjoyable game fun. In addition to the web version DDTank2 DDTank2 all game features, the more: Offline Play, Indiana Jones and other “super innovative” gameplay waiting for you to experience! The most adorable hand travel “DDTank2 sparkling debut!

Earth has been unable to stop the pace of DDTank2 grand debut! Not only can you dress up in DDTank2 own unique style, but also to experience all kinds Q adorable characters and scenes to bring the visual satisfaction, in addition DDTank2 various Mengzhan also makes Shuangwai, let them go! Now let us come together and enjoy unprecedented new Mengzhan experience! DDTank2 passionate journey has been opened, you have to do to win the title of king bomb prepare it? Extreme bomb next king will you?

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DDTank2 Weapon Behind the Scenes selfless experience table

DDTank2 Weapon Experience has shown dedication, Behind the Scenes

Each stone strengthened, increasing 10 basis experience, VIP regardless of grade increased by 50%, there are bonus blacksmith guild

+1 10

+2 50

+3 150

+4 350

+5 700

+6 1500

+7 2300

+8 3300

+9 4500

+10 6000

+11 7500

+12 9000

0-6 2760

0-9 12860

0-12 35360

So count 5 iron, VIP, weapons need to strengthen the stone from 0-12 1768, the task was too little point volume, will buy 3-5 day mission to strengthen the stone, mainly by the league, you can get about 200 a week or so. Plus the task, free players can be 100% about six weeks to strengthen the 12. RMB players faster, spend more than 5000 yuan, directly on the 12 day of.

Overall, you can, but need 0-9 12860 intensive experience, usually District, Association of iron is low, even opened the VIP, 0-6 need to strengthen the stone more than 150, 700 and 0-9 need to strengthen the stone. Between 6-9 strengthening too slow, I, as a long-term play players remind you that 20 weapons are not + 7 + 8. Copy of the task had not, then a copy of the 25 more high difficulty, daily copy of the task will be out of line, it is equal to a BUG.

Recommend improvements to increase Weapon tasks previously weapon +5, +8 successful quest will recommend + 6, + 7 also need to add a similar mission here, there would be out of line.

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DDTank2 role of growth remodeling

DDTank2 awaited coming soon, in this new version has undergone enormous changes in various systems, including the biggest change is the player growth system reconfiguration, the player to complete a variety of tasks available to a large number of binding points coupons in the game, tied fixed coupons available at the mall to buy a variety of Oh! pro!

Give you a detailed description of it:

  • A beginners guide

When first entering the game fun is that we want to optimize the boot process novice, novice guide the players will learn how to have fun Bouncing Church II, so that we become a master of faster, enjoy fun games !

· First the pole weapon

15 Surely we have to strengthen to a certain level of real weapons, and then want to become stronger players will certainly not satisfied. Do not worry! Each player can be used to bind coupons to redeem the game’s first pole weapon in the mall area, to enhance the combat effectiveness of a breeze!

The new card system is turned on

The Bouncing Church II reconstruction of card system again, players no longer need to rise to the full level of each card to get the best bonuses, just put the backpack of five slots to upgrade, you can who makes a variety of cards are equipped bonuses are given a high level of effectiveness and BUFF! greatly enhance combat immediately Oh! but each card also separate gold, silver, copper card three, of course, is the gold bonuses the best.

Mysterious pet system is turned on

Pet system is the most interesting Bouncing Church II system, with a cute pet strong senior campaign Quartet, think about all that excited. Players can also only develop their own pet farm pet, the higher the level the more powerful.

Each pet all have their own unique skills, dedicated to PK’s, have assisted his teammates have to make it easier to copy and ever-changing, per pet use for some time after the familiar can make your pet specialty victorious, invincible Oh!

Cultivation system is turned on

This is a can greatly increase the combat effectiveness of the local players, the most exciting is the Bouncing Church II, players can use the vouchers to purchase practicing medicine binding points in the mall.

Using Bind redeem coupons bracelets, rings

When the players to combat this level must have been very high, and the players use bind coupons convertible bracelets and rings, plus five all jewelry is no longer a dream!

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DDTank2 world premiere flying mounts square cross Chuang

Q version of the most popular in the history of competitive shooting game overwhelmed beta only DDTank2 web platform , the new cool flying mount , you can walk freely in the game lobby , more humane beginners guide in , the supreme inter-service hegemony bomb ……

[ Cool flying mounts]

Look at, and the introduction of the horse , but flying mounts Oh ! In addition to these handsome horse pull Diao fried cool day outside appearance , more abundant horse skills , the use of these skills will undoubtedly be more effective in combat . Of course , these skills are not static , horse skills but also to upgrade to get more powerful effect ! These mounts in the end how strong the power of the Guards fighting it? Hurry to try it !

[ Unlimited walking hall]

DDTank2 this also for everyone to bring a new hall walking , casual games are played full upgrade ! Such a wide area, playing his faithful horse riding in beautiful building freedom ride. The lively lobby not only our own players , more mysterious NPC to meet with you , to bring you more interesting and open recreational play ! 

[ Inter-service hegemony bomb ]

As a shooter , obviously athletics is king ! Bouncing Church three heroes in the world, but nowhere seeing them master Oh ! Do not worry mad, do not worry invincible hand , Extreme Championship inter-service fast , give you their superb showcase for technology ! Monthly ‘s top athletic competition three games , how can you miss it?

[ More intimate beginners guide ]

For a new on-line games are played , Bouncing Church three newcomers will be available also optimized . Mission system also will be a new form to meet you , then take the task easier , the role of rating upgrade more quickly . Added feature is turned on when the trailer , trailer features give you a better familiar with the game , find a variety of gameplay fun.

In addition to these updates , DDTank2 copy of the game has done a rank within the limits and optimize output for playing the faithful to better enhance their systems and combat capability. Cool flying mounts , unlimited walking the hall , the supreme inter-service hegemony bombs , more intimate beginners guide …… DDTank2 world premiere of the beta to bring you different surprise !

Welcome to DDTank2 Official Website : http://www.ddtank.us/


Wan playing volley DDTank2 Year Hesuiban war beast today

Ten thousand shells together and greet New Year ! DDTank2 New Year Special Edition ” Sheep Spring in February ” on the line today , the Best Shooting Web Game new service will be born exclusively strongest PK “play King” , a big wave of Chinese New Year events kick off on the line , come well prepared ammunition against together in animals it ! [ Bomb Wang designed clothes]” Sheep Spring in February ,” will open the latest version of the Lunar New Year special clothes PK , the most intense war imminent bomb King , login to your account dedicated PK , receive +12 suits and exclusive props , as well as the initial 100W gold squander any of you , only for the game in the PK 2V2 compete strongest DDTank2! [ Spring Carnival ]Coupons , gold casual collar, New Year Fun Party debut ! Welcome to participate in the activities of firecrackers world BOSS attack the beast , New Year ‘s Eve stay up landing send Gifts , completed more than five games Society of war , freedom fight or contest , you can get Chiba grass , lanterns and other rich rewards , as well as a large number of points, coupons and coins welfare fingertips.

[ Exclusive lover]Hesuiban Year 2015 will bring you the most special “Advanced Wedding” , where enrollment has held a distinguished senior romantic wedding , but also get advanced warning of Love life ! In addition , during the event is completed eight couples battle can also receive an additional practice of medicine , and other large horse Dan upgrade incentives.

He Nian Year War , the people preparing to grab a red envelope ! DDTank2 New Year Special Edition landed across the board today , archery save chicks fighting New Year firecrackers on New Year activities and other large animals , such as you play ! 2015 ‘s “sheep spring in February ,” Let us here carnival !

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