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Wartune Breaking News – Guild Beasts

Wartune Breaking News – Guild Beasts

 Guild Beasts

Guild Requirements

In order to unlock the Guild Beast, your guild must be at least level 6.

Participation Requirements

1. Players must be level 55 or higher.

2. Players must carry at least one active Sylph.

3. Players must enter alone, parties are not allowed to enter.

Note: Players can participate in this event multiple times; however will only be rewarded once per day.


1. The guild leader can summon the Guild Beast once per day. Summoning resets at 5:00 AM every day.

2. Summoning the Guild Beast consumes Guild Wealth. Different Guild Beasts consume different amounts of Guild Wealth.



1. Players may carry one or more active Sylphs and may select any Sylph for battle. They may also set the battle formation and skill orders.

2. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

3. The Guild Beast will appear shortly after it has been summoned. It will disappear if players do not defeat it within 30 minutes.




1. The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

2. The guild leader can select the Guild Beast’s level when summoning it.



1. Ranking: Points will be earned based on damage dealt to the Guild Beast. Ranking rewards will be distributed to participants accordingly.

2. Top 3: The top 3 players will receive additional rewards.

3. Defeated: All participants will receive extra rewards when successfully defeating the Guild Beast.

4. Final Hit: The player to deal the final blow to the Guild Beast will be rewarded with a special title.


Condition Ranking Top 3 Kill Final Hit
Reward Fang of Fear Golden Holy Water Golden Holy Water, Crystal Shard Special Title


New item – Fang of Fear – Used to exchange for rare items in the Adv. Guild Shop.





Each character can only redeem Guild Beast rewards once per day.

Players must remain in the guild throughout the event to receive their rewards.


Q: If I switch to another guild when my initial guild has already summoned the Guild Beast, can I take part in the event with my new guild?

A: As long as you did not participate in the event with your original guild, you may take part in the event with your new guild and receive rewards.

Q: How do you upgrade the Guild Beast level and what are the benefits of upgrading it?

A: The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

Q: Is it normal that my Awakening Points are full when I enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: This is normal. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

Q: I’m level 55. Why am I unable to enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: All participants must carry at least one active Sylph and must not be in a party to enter the event.

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Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills .Maybe you do not love rock solid fighter , high output shooter, if you like walking control , auxiliary route , then the Divine Comedy in the Master Professional will make you like it. Brilliant flames , meteorites and Kuanglei skills attracted so many players , in addition to the recovery , purification and other auxiliary waiting for you to display their skills . What is the secret purification skills ? Next to the small series to find out more about this mysterious skills.Rune purify what effect? Compared to ” restore ” them by literally be able to understand the skills , purify some relative mystery . In fact, this skill is to let other occupations have Master Rune purification function , similar to his boss mobs or debuff, for example, continued bleeding , reduces physical attack power, reduce physical defense , magic attack power reduction , reducing magic defense and dizziness and so on.Master the use of high frequency purify runes , anger consume large, it seems to beat the final boss in 65 copies in time , boss to the player ‘s debuff, harm reduction , it is often necessary to help the Master .


If not 60 Master suite has basically been banned copy appeared in 65 , but in fact, such an account Rune helped 55 such suits can not play the Master wants to play again heart.As long as we each bring a purification kit can help 55 Master back anger , problems will be much smaller .World of Warcraft Wartune Wiki medieval mysteries , I believe so many players engrossed in the wonderful hot PK shootout . What is the role of purification runes in the arena it? Master debuff usually increase the damage , the soldiers continued to snap frozen blood and archers armor . It is noteworthy that archers freezing, a frozen hand speed is reduced so that the other 100% , three rounds down the equivalent of three times a faint Seal , it must be frozen in the purification, and armor defense only reduce 160 points , insignificant , they do not control him .But in general you want to guard against is not the archers, but the increase of the Master of the damage by 10 % because of the skills of a place like this , the equivalent of three times or even four times the armor must be dispelled. So to kill time in the arena on by soldiers or archers with a purification rune mage rage cost reduction is very necessary.

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Wartune Master extreme skills plus point play Raiders. First praise , The Divine Comedy this game is really good. New Year niece to my house and play Divine Comedy on the computer , try to put me playing with stick in this game.Wartune create a role that we look at the soldiers Master shooter , did not hesitate to choose the Master , no matter which game , the Master is not outdated ( fragile point right, there is a high resistance to take care of you . Master just play their role ) .


Wartune Wiki upgrade things aside , and stereotyped. Say under their own plus points , opened the dual skills , now 55The first pure attack. For a decline in the skills of combat power , but for arena spike, a copy of the mobs and the world BOSS:The first line of two passive ( + magic to master the elements of the heart ) to fill, without the curseThe second line current, flames , esoteric Kuanglei blitz , Minglei point over ( enough points can each give up a little on this four skills, but it is recommended to rise to 55 , the benefits of athletic wear, Fate openness and skills point advantage, enough to make you give up the battle honors, went straight to the world BOSS, a copy of the underground palace 100 , and trials of )The third line that does not increase , because the spike effect , abandon the treatment and magic resistanceThe fourth line is getting ready to cast full of meteorites 3:00 ( points not enough here you can give up a little of each kind ) behind withoutThe full power of pure mage, do not agree, do not spray , the effect tried to know, ha ha. Below to talk about the second ,Thick blood for a variety of BOSS, belong Polishing type . With this , I am a novice when the medication 44 + BUFF operator, has 99 layers to the maze , and was ranked second in the region , the first is the Master , the poor more than 10,000 combat power .

Heart elements of the first row of the + magic master point at least, behind without ( curse dispensable, as for the big move is not applicable at this level ) .The second line of the current four points behind without .The third line , the entire point of full -sized light can point at least ( points not enough to light a small light can give a little big , recovery and treatment efficiency point of full proposal ) .Full cast getting ready , meteorite 3:00 purify the point of full ( not enough points can each give up a little here )This plus point there are kinds of benefits , JJ sets + fashion, with your Swordsman , Archer soldiers with combat power , he can grind slowly die , into the battle to a meteorite ( hit , then do not drive Fury Warrior this you know 0.0 ) and then an electric current , then can a small light, as long as the fighting force does not exceed you , he can not win while also Hao Zhao . Had also planned to write more , come home , and if published , you do not spray me , I will write a Master newbie experience, oh warrior archer can apply .

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Wartune life skills system introduced


Wartune skills introduced:

Character level 35 or above, you can learn life skills at the NPC at the Sky City Trade Zone.

Five kinds of players can choose any life skills to learn, you can learn up to two kinds.

Forgotten Life skills: must be consumed in the NPC at Diamond forgotten life skills.

Proficiency: divided into low, intermediate, advanced, master, master-class five grades. Each level of increase required to consume a certain amount of gold or diamonds, each life skills to achieve the Grand Master can activate a title.

Wartune skill categories:

Acquisition categories: herbs and mining

Collection sites: the souls of the island, amethyst mine, Sky City and other areas.

Gathering the harvest: collecting available material acquisition to enhance the acquisition of skills proficiency, proficiency with the upgrade, you can capture more of the collection thereof.

Acquisition Requirements: collecting things have minimum and maximum proficiency requirements. Proficiency than the minimum value to be collected, after the acquisition of proficiency than the maximum value does not enhance proficiency.

Wartune manufacturing categories: jewelry manufacturing, Enchanting, Alchemy


Manufacturing method: objects can be collected in a blacksmith shop operations, access to semi-finished products; according to the existing formula of raw materials and semi-synthetic synthesis, access to new items.

Manufacturing Proficiency: The above Class 2 operation will increase the manufacturing class skills proficiency, and thus get more synthetic formula, proficiency exceeds a certain value, the manufacture of low-level items no longer enhance proficiency.

Purchase of materials: Some synthetic materials, synthetic formulas need to buy to get the npc at buying gold or diamond consuming, and there is a certain degree of proficiency requirements.

Wartune manufactured product uses:

Jewelry Manufacturing: New product for professional equipment mosaic

Alchemy: Create potions, temporary use to enhance the role of property

Enchanting: Generate attached Monster, all the equipment can be permanently attached to the property.

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Wartune: the warrior Raiders


Soldier: some things about the Watune Game to know

1, the basic no AOE [group capable warrior damage]

2, the warrior will not add blood, under captain like to copy soldiers on the front, the above two points easily lead us to buy large amounts of blood bag, to spend money more economical

3, don’t talk to master than the maze faster, we often lags behind many

4, although we are fighters, but this does not mean we than the mage hard many, this game is much more important than magic proof anti

5, this ability to attack the target attack is not random, its description is only play unit existing volume percentage of the least, but after the test proved that the 3 soldiers stood in a row in the same arena first contract attack hit the same target probability high, high to me until now has not been seen partial.


A: equipment selection

Necklaces and rings is life, helmet and clothes are double defense, weapons and ornaments are plus attack.

The early Wartune Wiki game decisive choice to various bulk, our goal is 35 arena set. Jewelry can change 2 labyrinth level 20, than the previous campaign out of the blue is more powerful, and spend the coin less.


Multiple copies of the drop in various purple parts, to put on, do not deliberately go to brush. Did not play to the site can take drawings one or two. The blue ring can fool a time, good luck maze will reward you. Weapons and accessories to strengthen the full, other reinforcement to 6 almost.

The only note that 30 sets of resolute don’t do, synthetic stone Level 2 all save. The 35 set will be worn for a long time, because the 40 suits to make, so please enjoy enhanced, holes, succinct. If all goes well around level 40 will have saved maze coins Qi 40 levels of rings, jewelry. PS:40 sets the undisputed is stronger than the 35 sets.

Two: gem, succinct, star selection

The three together is because they are add attributes, what attribute stack to the extreme are exceeding one’s expectations effect.

Every piece of equipment only 3 slots, precious stones can meet many kinds, some collocation is to RMB power.

1, physical attack, Mofang, life. The most recommended interpolation method suitable for individuals, do anything. Money more or less, this energy is good or bad will not affect its usefulness. And it expects the best collocation is power > > > armor physical attack magic proof anti material constitution > other > >

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Wartune Review: classical transplantation epic masterpiece


Pictures of the Wartune game with perfect to describe is not an exaggeration, here is not to say that how perfect quality is good, but it can be web game full function to transplant to Android, this is some developers do not place. Different monsters, different copies of the map, the magnificent architectural design skills, realistic, smooth clear images of the game, the gameplay will be brought into full play.

Sound more perfect, different game scenarios will match with different music and sound effects, magnificent Concerto, fresh sweet organ music, show the European magic epic masterpiece style.


The operation is relatively simple, a round of the game, game player needs to do is before a battle can be set to battle. The game game player cast skills need to have enough rage, rage value can be obtained through the attack and damage, more powerful skills required anger will be more, corresponding cooling time will be very long, this game player can grasp their own according to the actual situation.

Into the game, we need to choose in the virtual world of characters. Three types of people prepared for our game, with a high defense soldier, also have high magic attack the mage, more high crit cold shooter, game player can choose according to their own. Not much difference between the ability of the key characters, see you later how to cultivate.


The home office is the major economic source of the whole town, it can help us output per hour is a lot of gold, the home office is scalable, level not only affect the other building level cap and gold production, the number will also affect the collection and gold income of gold. Private is the major productive forces place, game player can recruit to a strong soldiers inside, allow yourself to cope with the copy of the relaxed. As the private class rising high, more wounded soldier you recruit soldiers, and grades also can promote, let your fighting strength to rise sharply.

Front have said the Wartune Wiki would prepare a large number of copies of test for game player, in addition to have copies of creeps and boss, also found that Pandora’s box and other random items, click may get rich props and Gold Award, also have the opportunity to fall into the enemy’s siege of. The design of such ingenious, let the game player in the face of numerous copies of no longer feel boring. Here small make up to secretly tell you, you can also pick up money copy oh!

“Operating system” to humanity, which make the operation is very simple, only needs a single game player can be hand touch screen, RPG and strategic management perfect fusion together innovative gameplay, semi real time combat and massive interest as a copy of the core game player, as the local lords hand to enhance their character levels, strengthen the escalation of hero your equipment so as to enhance the personal combat. On the other hand also to upgrade the city all kinds of building facilities, development and expansion of territory to recruit heroes, to conquer the vast world of fantasy. Interest in the game player come.

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Wartune eternal battle to create a brilliant record of the couple


Battle of the Gods no longer stand alone, lonely, do not worry about finding a partner with the team Clash of the Titans, Wartune 4.2 version of the new on-line “eternal war”, the couple to create a brilliant record ~ You fight, I fight!

Ø eternal battle for the husband and wife team inter-service PVP, divided into heats and finals;

Ø Registration time: Please note that when activities open to official sources, players can sign up at the event interface;

Ø Application requirements: the couple’s personal combat integrated reaches a certain value, the husband and wife team, and the need for a fee, you can sign up;

Ø activities every Sunday 8: 00-9: 00 round, every four weeks for the next; the first three rounds have top award, there is a reward when the final ranking of each end; eternal reward props for crystal, in the eternal battle of exchange shops in exchange props;

Ø spouses automatically enter the same room when the competition, each adjustable their formation.



Formation adjustment

Ø Both husband and wife each person can carry a child and two souls involved in the fighting, along with their total of four combat units;

Ø Everyone adjust the station’s own four combat units, and the same with their children before and after the station rules.

Ø quiz list shows only the diamond group teams, players need to wager this quiz random ranked team;

Ø quiz unconditional bet, you can use a non-binding exchange eternity diamond crystal, crystal bet with eternal;

Ø Specific rules are similar to the gods of war, Clash of the Titans, guessing right or wrong can obtain eternal crystal.

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High-strength properties of the souls of the double mutant Wartune war frenzy storm again


The waves pushed forward waves, strong in its own strength in the hand, yet no strong warriors, ghosts ax weapon treasures for generations dilute Jane beast men, now, another high-war element mutations emerged –Wartune double attribute souls, want to own strength become more powerful? Then to have it now!

First  come first to see what properties it!

Ø double attribute souls to mix two properties of light and dark souls

Ø brightness double attribute souls to mix things magic attacks souls, their resistance to light and dark mixed attribute attack

Ø light and dark souls are blended attacks, when PVE free from physical and magic-free and other restrictions buff and always hurt

Ø light and dark souls are blended attacks, when PVE free from physical and magic-free and other restrictions buff and always hurt


Carry conditions

Ø brightness double attribute souls have two quality orange and red, orange figure 70 can carry quality, 80 can carry red quality, corresponding to different shapes and properties

So how do you get it?

Ø way to get: synthesis of light and dark souls require fusion operation in fusion interface.

Ø souls fusion conditions:

An orange light and dark souls need quality: quality of light and dark orange souls each one (ie, Athena and Gaia), full grade level, quality must be orange, full level of qualification training.

Red light and dark souls need to get quality: quality of light and dark red souls each one (ie, Venus and Hera), full grade level, quality must be red, full level of qualification training.

Ø integration of other materials needed:

Fusion quality of light and dark orange souls need to consume raw materials godhead flame days, and the new date of the nuclear fusion materials, “brightness of the emblem,” and some diamond;

Fusion quality of light and dark red flame consumes the souls of the date of original material godhead, and the new date of the nuclear fusion materials, “brightness of the emblem,” and some diamonds.

Ø wearing have equipment, athletic lineup in the souls of souls can not be fused.

Changes and advanced fusion

Ø After synthesis of light and dark souls, their quality color change;

Ø After synthesis of light and dark souls, improve qualification strengthen the ceiling;

Ø After synthesis, you can learn the skills of light and dark souls.

Ø70 souls brightness level can be advanced into 80 brightness godhead souls.

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Wartune Fashion System

Wartune across the battlefield, can be said to embody the best play, the biggest feature is the full personal combat platform data exchange, realized through without resistance, barrier battle! He can serve different areas of the players converge on the same battlefield, fighting for their own goals and honor it!

Inter-service war, imminent!

[Cross-service battlefield open time:

13: 00-22: 00, and each time punctuality open battlefield.

[Rule across the battlefield]:

The new cross-service PVP battleground, 30 open battlefield by the player classification, according to 30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70-80 divided into five segments battlefield grades, the corresponding level players only enter the battlefield area corresponding grade segments, each serving different zones can face players.

Each battle can only enter a maximum of 30 people, divided into two camps, players enter the system randomly assigned to the camp.

Every 30 minutes the open battlefield, battlefield camp integral difference reaches the end of 5000 battlefield sharing in advance.

Resources, transportation, or kill enemy players can increase the camp guards and personal integration.

At the end of the battlefield time, integrating high camp to win the party camp.

Get inside the battlefield honor, honor can be viewed in the properties of the interface or the battlefield.

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