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Wartune-Wind & Water Sylph Profile

After the Light & Dark Sylph, another powerful Sylph has joined Wartune family: Wind & Water Sylph. As the combination of Wind and Water, this Sylph is well-liked by our players too. So how can we merge such a Sylph?

Similar to the Light & Dark Sylph, there are two methods to get a Wind & Water Sylph in Wartune.


Method 1:

Obtain a Wind Sylph and a Water Sylph that are both Orange with full aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 500 Sun Cores, 500 Blast of Suns and 200 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive an Orange Wind & Water Sylph Freya.

Method 2:

Obtain Poseidon and Goddess of Prosperity that are both Red with full Aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 1000 Sun Cores, 1000 Blast of Suns and 500 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive a Red Wind & Water Sylph Frigga.


After the merge, the Wind & Water Sylph will maintain the color while their aptitude limits will increase. So if you merge 2 Red Sylphs, you’ll receive a red Sylph.

But watch out, Sylphs will lose their skills after merging, which means you have to learn them again! Now let’s talk about the Wind & Water Sylph’s skills.

Compared with the Light & Dark Sylph, Wind & Water Sylph focus on MATK, so it’s suitable for attacking Knights and Archers. However, it’s not so powerful when attacking Mages since they have high MDEF.

Compared to the Light & Dark Sylph’s high MATK and PATK, Wind & Water Sylph’s MATK is relatively weak when fighting against Mages. In addition, having inherited the characteristics of Wind and Water, Wind & Water Sylphs mainly play the role of assistant. Bringing 2 Wind & Water Sylphs into Class War and Battleground is a pretty smart idea: one Sylph releases Ice Shield and Aquilon’s Blessing, and the other one restores HP and releases Delphic skills.

So after learning about the Wind & Water Sylph, are you already aware of how strong it is? Would you like to get your hands on one? Then what are you waiting for!

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Legend Knight Pet field

Legend Knight lets you wield the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Pet field system

  1. Click “Colorful Spar” to collect one by one. You can also click the “Collect 18 Times” button to collect Colorful Spars 18 times.
  2. There’s Golden Picks and Silver Picks. Use the Golden Picks to get more precious rewards.
  3. During the event, you can buy Golden Picks in Shop and get Sliver Picks by clearing Dungeons and the Hall of Heroes.

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The magical land of new adventures — Legend Knight experience report


The name of the game: Legend Knight

The game type: MMORPG


Legend Knight is a style of massively multiplayer online Cosplay game. It uses virtual Western magical stories as the basis, created a “Agger nice mainland”. Players play a role in the virtual world, as the role of various life and development.



If you are a complete novice, and never played Legend Knight Wiki does not have what friends in the game, so please follow my train of thought to complete your weekend 20 level express road. Now, briefly introduced the 20 stage how to most quickly achieve method.

All people will be born in a novice, you should be very easy to see the head has a yellow exclamation point NPC around this point, and his dialogue will enable you to receive my first task. Be sure to see the task tips, you’ll see what to do, for example, what is strange to kill, kill as many as such. After the completion of the dialogue again to find this man, can gain experience and money. Finish the task is the most efficient way for the novice to upgrade, because Daguai itself can gain experience, completed but also gain experience, such a “win-win” move, strongly recommended!

You can also receive second tasks from the man there, you go to a novice village, now don’t have to rush around, press “M” button to open the map to determine your location now lies. The blue diamond is you, on the map you can see many yellow, they are new village residents, also known as NPC, you can use the map instructions to go there. If you do as I say, at this time you have a level 2.

To the novice village you will find here much more special with yellow exclamation mark can take the task of NPC, these are all you need to complete the task, I suggest you first of all to accept, then each one carefully read, do not think it is a waste of time.

First carefully understanding tasks, for assignment you have planned to have very good help role, you can turn a direction tasks together do fall, and then together also fell, both to save time and improve efficiency

The timely replacement of weapons and equipment is also very important, growth experience mainly by Daguai, kill slow how line, there are a lot of good weapons and armor, another benefit of completing the task was the reward, please pay attention to the timely replacement. Skill is also a need to focus on the part, as you advance in level, can learn the skills are more and more, timely study them, can let you always have a current maximum power.

The use of the skills will consume a lot of mana, do not mean your saved gold, to buy food to eat, eating and playing, upgrade fast. When you have completed all the tasks for new village, congratulations! You have 10 grade.

From the beginning of the 15 class, you can participate in a very interesting online activities – “mushroom”.In the main city to find the “mushroom planting administrator”, from him you can learn how to kind of a “mushroom, mushroom” after the harvest, will be able to get a lot of experience, very tempted to upgrade the grade. This time constant task, tortoise, sun mushroom, to upgrade the level of you is a piece of cake. I wish you all have fun.

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Legend Knight Marriage System and Wedding Ring Syste

1. When you reach lvl 36 in Legend Knight, you can click the Marriage icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the Marriage interface.

  1. Male players can propose to female players (higher than lvl 36). After receiving the proposal, female players can accept or refuse at will. Because only male players can propose, female players should be reserved when deciding whether or not to accept.

【Legend Knight Engagement】

When a female player has accepted proposal, the male player must make set the wedding date and time in the Engagement interface.


  1. After the proposal has been accepted neither player can propose or accept another players’ proposal unless one of them goes to a Priest, an NPC in Glory City, to cancel the engagement.

2.The wedding will held automatically at the appointed time, whether or not the bride and groom are online.

【Legend Knight Wedding Packs Capture】

1. The newlyweds can gift Wedding Packs to their guests. Players in the wedding can click the Chests on the ground to accept the Wedding Packs. Each player can accept at most 30 Wedding Packs per day. Complete the Wedding to activate the Wedding RingandRing Soul systems to Craft and refine Wedding Rings. There are three kinds of Rings: Everlasting Love, Telesthesiaand Love in Night Sky. Wedding Rings dramatically boost the HP, PATK, MATK, PDEF and MDEF of all the Heroes and the Character. The bride and groom can also activate the Wedding Rings’ Lover Skills. The more requirements they meet, the more Lover Skills they can activate. Go activate those Lover Skills!

2. Wedding Participants can send gifts to the newlyweds.

【Legend Knight Divorce】

Married players can go tothe Priest in Glory City and spend 200,000 Gold to getdivorced. Players cannot propose to again or be proposed to on the day they get divorced.

【Legend Knight Wedding Ring System】

The Wedding Ring system will activate after the wedding. Craft your Wedding Ring to boost the Stats of your Character and all the Heroes.

【Legend Knight Ring Soul System】

The Ring Soul System will be unlocked after the wedding. Refine your Wedding Ring to boost its Stats.

【Legend Knight Predestined Couple Dungeon】

Predestined Couple Dungeons are only available to married couples. Clear the Predestined Couple Dungeon and you will have the chance to get rewards such as Marrying Stones and Minerals. The dungeon can also increase couple’s rapport in battlegrounds. Although you can challenge the Predestined Couple Dungeon alone, fighting together with your lover is so much more interesting and meaningful.

Note: VIP players can use Balens to increase the Dungeon rewards attempts. Challenge attempts will be reset at 24:00 every day.

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