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Wartune v 5.1 New Eudaemon – Blood Warrior

5.1新守卫 烈血狂战

Blood Warrior, the New Eudaemon of version 5.1, is now available! In the last event launched by our team to introduce our New Eudaemon, Blood Warrior attracted a lot of attention and became a hot topic among our players thanks to its amazing appearance. Today we can talk about the unique features of the Blood Warrior.

The Blood Warrior will assist you with its magical powers. It has the ability to trigger a vampiric effect which will drain the enemy’s HP.

You’ll be surprised by its two main skills.
Delphic Slasher deals 100% damage to an enemy in the back row. This skill is very useful to interrupt enemy ambushes at the right time.
Delphic Bloody Storm deals damage to all enemies and increases the fatality rate. This skill can deal a lot of damage no matter if it’s a team battle or you are fighting alone.

Blood Warrior has six more skills: Cleaver, Shock Strike, Blood Drain, Shadowless Blade, Menace and The Last Straw.
1. Cleaver causes damage to front row enemies.
2. Shock Strike causes damage to the enemies with less HP.
3. Blood Drain causes damage to a random enemy and triggers a vampiric effect.
4. Shadowless Blade causes damage to two random enemies.
5. Menace causes damage to the enemies at the back.
6. The Last Straw causes damage to enemies at the back and doubles the chances of causing damage.

Blood Sacrifice and Crusader’s Will are Passive Skills. Blood Sacrifice enables your warrior to trigger a vampiric effect with every attack. Crusader’s Will give you a magic attack and magic defense boost.

Do you want to obtain the amazing Blood Warrior? Reach lvl 70 and exchange items to obtain it!

Stay tuned for more information!

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Wartune 2015 Halloween Events Review

The night of the 31th of October is the most spooky night of the year! You can start spotting decorations in shops and houses since the beginning of October.

In order to share the fun of Halloween with our players, the Wartune team started holding events from the 1st of October where players could look for Candy Shards. The event was very popular among our players and received a lot of support.

What’s more, our team launched the Werewolf Chests and Witch’s Gifts events right after the Candy Shards event to keep the festive mood. Our players were anticipating Halloween with excitement!


Apart from the Halloween online events, our Wartune fans also had lots of events in Facebook to join in.

First of all, since our New Eudemon is going to be launched, Wartune held a New Eudemon PS Competition in the Facebook Fan page. Our players loved it! We received thousands of PS works from them. Some of the players drew with traditional techniques and some of them sent digital works. Others drew helmets, new clothes or even a background for the New Eudemon!


To thank the passion and support of our players, we shared the most outstanding works on Wartune’s Facebook Fan page. We couldn’t post them all, since we received so many. But you can check our official website to see more of our player’s works later!

We also shared other events in our Facebook Fan page, like the Pumpkin Ornament event, Halloween Nail-painting event, and the Halloween Party-picture sharing event.


The Pumpkin Ornament event encourages our players to share the Halloween decorations of their houses, streets and communities. This event helped our players to get closer and know more about each other.


And the Halloween Nail-painting event was very popular among our female players. They shared lots of creative Halloween themed nail art!


The Halloween Party-picture sharing event created a Halloween atmosphere in the Facebook Fan page. The pictures of parades on the street, costume parties and Halloween makeup were so amazing that staff of Wartune was delighted!


We expect to see players enjoy and join more events next Halloween. We would like to thank our players for supporting Wartune and participating in our Facebook Fan page events!


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Classic popular tour page “Wartune” push mobile version

Developed by Seventh Avenue popular page tour “Wartune” upcoming mobile version , and to make arrangements for Proficient company to build a mobile version of the game , this popular tour page once achievements are amazing , it definitely is the most a popular MMORPG game , if it will launch a mobile version , might set off a wave of hand travel MMORPG .

Wartune game is a typical MMORPG game , which supports multiplayer mode , but also allows players to own SOLO dungeon in the game is also provided with PVP elements of the battlefield and the team will provide similar arena and other elements for the players , with the exception outside this world there are many events and activities in the game you can choose archers , knights and mages , three occupations .

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RPG online games “Legend Knight” Profile

[The configuration of the machine test]
CPU: 1.8GHz
Memory: 512MB
Graphics: 9550
After the installation disk space: 1.94G
[Comparison of type]
Seal legend, a perfect world
Legend Knight is a very good online games, games to rich romantic breath of epic fantasy background, in an innovative legend knight is the protagonist of the game, to extend to create exotic atmosphere of the game. The biggest bright spot is the long war game system, an almost entirely new and rich content of the summon system, game player can take the flight, fight, to experience the real legend knight feeling. While the other system of the game are very simple, very easy to use operation, suitable for all game player.

[The picture of the game]
The game screen is slightly rough, game background making very stick and game fantasy theme, floating castle, the quiet forest, performance is very rich in natural, but the model is very rough, it is obvious that the edges and corners, especially tree, obvious surface composed of trunk and branches. Character design is also good, but the texture delicate enough that the legend is the highlight of the game, do very beautiful, especially riding a legend fly, the sky and the distance of the ground with a strong sense of.

[character occupation]
The game is divided into 5 occupation: Elven Ranger, death knight, the Dark Wizard, paladins, priests, defining a gender, can adjust the hair color and hair style. Elven Ranger, agility, rely on long-range attack and authorities to combat, good ambush, bow, crossbow, suitable for short weapon, can spread the agency binding enemies, also be the long-range shooting, also can be short-range assassination. The death knight, like Berserker, mainly at near distance weapon attack, can play a powerful close combat, have exclusive armor. Dark Wizard, with powerful spell damage and range, although frail. But by spells in their protection ability should be provided. The Holy Knights, wearing heavy armor, and used his body to shield the teammate’s safety. The priest, can cure and provide auxiliary capacity as teammates.

[The skill system]
Game skills into combat skills and comprehensive skills, combat skills can buy with money in their respective skills teacher, as long as it meets the level can be learning. Combat skills can be strengthened to upgrade, skill trainer at towns can on skill intensive, upgrade the skill level, upgrade the skill level requires the fighting skill points, fighting skill points can be obtained by fighting trafficking. Comprehensive skill games including gem collection, collection of ore, wood collection, refining and other life skills. The game as a common attack skills, one can release skills to quickly switch between different weapons attack, very convenient.
Game weapons include: single hand sword, hammer, axe, dagger single single, staves, two handed swords, maces, wands, two handed axe, bow long handled weapons, each weapon is divided into a number of small class, the main deputy, each weapon has a corresponding number of occupation and. Common equipment for white, high grade green, blue, pink, level of equipment, can be forged out of high grade. The ore type, wood type, gem and cloth resources for weapons, equipment, rings, jewelry forging, forging, forging division apprentice respectively, forging forging forging expert, master, which respectively correspond to the different grades of goods. Resources include minerals, wood, crystal stones and clothing, acquisition of ore required the use of mineral exploration Ho, acquisition of timber need wood axe, collecting stones need gem mining hoe, cloth is with the monster death drop.
[The system legend]
Legend Knight Game is the biggest characteristic of the legend, the legend is different from the common sense of the pet, very powerful in combat skills and types of attributes. legend also can be used as a pet to ride, and allows more allies while riding on the same legend. Game player can kill Boss fall through, the epic quest rewards, gifts and other activities a variety of channels to achieve their battle legend, after reaching different levels can have one or more different types of legend, with the upgrade, feeding and legend ball system, can constantly improve its attribute, skills and equipment. Use magic to attack the enemy and acid spewing black legend. The legend has a large body, will take the vigor of the spit and fire magic to attack the enemy. Yinlong although figure is not large, will take the holy magic or saint Yan to attack the enemy, Yinlong will mystically treatment or its companion. Jinlong at holy magic and treatment, is more powerful, and is good at magic legend. Blue legend shape is the largest legend in the class, make the best use of Lightning spells, and will release the lightning breath from the mouth. The white legend like will use cold breath or ice spells.

[Against the battlefield]
The game against divided into individual PK and guild wars, the battlefield, the individual PK is not very different from other online games, and guild wars and the war has been greatly strengthened. The battlefield is divided into independent open battlefield and battlefield two ways, independent battlefield, game player using a fixed number of organized polymerization or non organized by grouping match system into battle. Open the battlefield, a town of a similar game in any time any person without the need for special registration entry mode, can be directly entered, killing enemy players, rob to boss treasures is the only purpose of such battlefield. The battlefield can get some rewards, boss get rewards, obtain the integral items purchase battlefield, killing hostile game player gained merit value, get the corresponding title of honor from the battlefield to kill or meritorious service. Battlefield also includes the team rating, each into the field team wins every time all can obtain certain ranking cumulative promotion. Ranking type through the total accumulated, month and week on a ranking system for the championship title respectively and Zhou Guanjun. Get the head stage can be used for different game currency in the game to buy the corresponding title equipment. The guild can compete for the win village, village can get more resources and honor, and can get more of the legend.
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SwordSaga – Mercenary Isabel

SwordSaga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war. Mercenary Isabel Name: Isabel Huntley Age: 19 Height: 170cm Weight: 57kg Position: Hunter Isabel is the first born daughter of Huntley family in Thomahord. She is the chief Mercenary of Mercenary Association and lives with her brother Seth. Damage: A Defense: D Support: E


Revenge When the HP of yourself is lower than 50%, receiving damage will increase the damage dealt by Isabel by 91% for the following 2 rounds. It can be triggered 1 time every 6 rounds. Bloodthirsty Eagle Increases the damage dealt by Falcon Strike by 20% and makes the targets receive damage each round for 3 rounds. Death Mark Hunter’s Mark will deal damage to target directly. Chained Arrow Deals damage to the target with the highest HP and the target with the lowest HP respectively. It can be triggered 1 time every 6 rounds. Siege Of Falcons Siege Of Falcons will be released when releasing Falcon Strike to deal damage to all targets. Shot Deals damage to targets in the front row. Falcon Strike Deals damage to targets in the front row. Hunter’s Mark Increases the damage dealt to targets in the front row by 41% in the following 2 rounds. Concentration Increases the damage dealt by yourself and the chances of Crit by 18% in the following 3 rounds. Rain of Arrow Shoots countless arrows to deal damage to all targets in the next round. Crime Strike Shoots several arrows to the line with the most targets to deal damage to them. Destroying Arrow Deals damage to targets in the front row. Dark Shot Deals damage to targets in the front row. Piercing Bolt Deals damage to the line with the most targets. Skill suggest: Gather your allies, the battle begins! Official Site:

” Legend knight ” Game Profile

The game introduce

Legend knight is the first in the “genetic Trilogy”, such as dragon, into the horses, elf, dwarf and other fantastical elements, and a large number of medieval and ancient Celtic language names. In the legends of mountains full of strange and changeful, hunting juvenile Eragon found a blue stone. Unexpectedly, this stone has hatched a blue dragon! Eragon is little dragon named “Saphira” to her as the most intimate friends. But, Saphira but to Eragon relatives caused fatal disaster. Sad Eragon to revenge, began to learn magic, fencing, archaism, finally set foot on the arduous journey of revenge.

The game screen

This picture let a person shine at the moment, in the game 3D scene picture is very good, and the game map is very large but the scene does not repeat, this is worth praising. In the game explain the story said in a unique style of painting pictures. The game scenes depict really in place, especially in the town house 3D modeling is very real. But this is a little regret, in the field of view can easily convert but in the house but could not convert the making some areas is not easy to find. In addition, the game characters facial expressions describe carefully enough, look a bit rough. Overall the picture is good, but the details have yet to be improved.

Game audio

The music is good, the music style tends to the phantom, misty. With the game grand picture can well express a “flavor.Just more regretful is this lack of figures of speech, if can increase the phonetic word can make the game into sense soars.


Game system

The game’s story is based on the A RPG method, in addition to the rich combat skills and magic, the end of action, defensive skills and unique counterattack skills many fresh fighting style, also joined the course, master dragon of the intense air combat is the indispensable part in the game. The operation of the game easily even if not in the game has to provide a complete description of the. The game also uses a double screen display and touch screen operation, using the touch screen to cast spells and abilities, game player can also through mini games to get the Dragon Knight skills. In the game there are a variety of tasks waiting for game player to complete the course after the completion of all have the corresponding reward. In addition, the corresponding tandem mode, can obtain the special team battle reward.

Specific summary

The game not only map grand (if not map easily get lost) and there are abundant operation, by virtue of its excellent story can be said to be the most recent excellent ARPG, and the game menu more humane, provides a lot of useful information to help the game player. Are you still looking for a good game? Try making idea the taste of Western games.

Legend Knight Official Website :