Wartune title system

Wartune title system as the best way to prove the strength of its powerful players, it will always appear in the role of the head. No matter anywhere, at any time along with you, highlighting the strength of your personality.

[Title] to get:

Title different pathways available to it are also different. Players needed to achieve the title of a specific condition, immediately get the title.

Wartune, click the portraits, or open the bag, open the “Properties” tab, the title of the currently displayed, now that you are equipped with the title.

Click the “Query” you can check all the titles have been acquired and are not. Each player get a title can be displayed in the title list. Select the title you have acquired, click the “equipment” button, you can successfully equip this title.

[Title of show]:

Players can choose a title has been obtained, the display on his head, and off the top before replacing the title.

[Title of show]

Wartune, a title not just in the head showing. The title will also be some special challenges interface display, so no matter where you are, you will be known to everyone! Improve visibility across the board.

[Honorable title]

In Wartune, some very rare and noble title scarce, full-service players can only have a distinguished exclusive. However, the full-service all players can fight yo, maybe the next one has a noble title is you!

In these noble title, the worse the special light effects will appear at the top of the head is displayed, along with chat channels to speak, there will be a magical light-emitting display. Has really exudes! Unique Yeah!

[Title list]

Wartune can get all the title will show all in the title list. The default title list for classification label display, a list of currently divided into five tabs. The title has not yet been displayed in gray.

The title has been activated, you can always equipped in the head.

[Reward across the battlefield]:

Players have the opportunity to enter the battlefield 10 times a day, but only the first two times to get the chest and settlement incentives battlefield gains. Number is exhausted, mining and honor only integral gains, no battlefield chest and settlement awards, daily 5:00 to reset the number of times earnings.

You can get a lot of medals to participate in the battlefield and honor, you can also get rewarded battlefield chest.

Players participating in the inter-service battlefield, kill the other camp, players can get the corresponding inter-service points. Players can view their cross-service integration in the inter-service Heroes, every Saturday early morning inter-service systems integrator based players this week total access, giving the players sent a mysterious chest and out of print titles rewards !

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Wartune Fashion System

Wartune across the battlefield, can be said to embody the best play, the biggest feature is the full personal combat platform data exchange, realized through without resistance, barrier battle! He can serve different areas of the players converge on the same battlefield, fighting for their own goals and honor it!

Inter-service war, imminent!

[Cross-service battlefield open time:

13: 00-22: 00, and each time punctuality open battlefield.

[Rule across the battlefield]:

The new cross-service PVP battleground, 30 open battlefield by the player classification, according to 30-39,40-49,50-59,60-69,70-80 divided into five segments battlefield grades, the corresponding level players only enter the battlefield area corresponding grade segments, each serving different zones can face players.

Each battle can only enter a maximum of 30 people, divided into two camps, players enter the system randomly assigned to the camp.

Every 30 minutes the open battlefield, battlefield camp integral difference reaches the end of 5000 battlefield sharing in advance.

Resources, transportation, or kill enemy players can increase the camp guards and personal integration.

At the end of the battlefield time, integrating high camp to win the party camp.

Get inside the battlefield honor, honor can be viewed in the properties of the interface or the battlefield.

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Legend Knight Sheen Guard Hero

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Sheen Guard is the first hero you can recruit in Legend Knight. This is the reason players consider it a hero for beginners and abandon it as soon as possible. But Sheen Guard hasexcellent Defense and makes a formidable front row hero.They can help players block mostAttacks, thus playing an important role in early stages of the game.

Let’s take a look at the Hero’s skills.

1. Mortal Assault – Attacks a random front row target and causes500 extra damage.

2. Advanced Drain – Attacks a random front row target, causes 600 extra damage and restores some of the Sheen Guard’s HP. This is a very important active skill for a front row tank. After restoring HP, the Sheen Guard can resist more attacks.

3. Defense Skill – Restores 50% of the Sheen Guard’s HP and increases its Block rate by 20%. This is a very important passive skill for a defense Hero.

4. Preserving Potency – Reduces damage received by 60% for 2 rounds when HP is less than 30%.

The best quality for a 1-Star Star Sheen Guard is orange, but it’s not easy reach this state. It requires a Purple Sheen Guard and 50 Tiger Teeth. How can you geta Purple Sheen Guard? You can summon one in the Divine Altar forBalens or Summoning Tokens – this will save you a lot of time. As for the Tiger Teeth, you can get them directly from Dungeons or exchange Lvl 1 Minerals for them. Collecting 50 Tiger Teeth is not an easy task, but a powerful Orange Sheen Guard is well worth your efforts.

Legend Knight Daily Snipe System

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Daily Snipe System

1)       During the event, there will be all kinds of items on sale in the Snipe.

2)       You can check the items of the next Snipe even before it starts.

3)       Every wave of Snipe refreshes the items in it.

4)       The Snipe happens between 12:00 and 22:00. There will be a refresh every hour, with a total of 10 refreshes in a day.

5)       There will be a 2-sec cooldown after every purchase. Purchase is unavailable when there are no remaining item in the server.

There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!




Legend Knight
There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!

Thanks for your reading!
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Legend Knight money system introduced

Money system

As the saying goes: gin of solid, non-millet not keep; Han Yong white, non-food without a fight. The players kill the dragon, save the world’s roads, less support gold, will be less effective. In order to allow players to get a more enjoyable gaming experience in the game, Legend Knight designed the colorful gold play.

1, Alchemy

Players will get a certain number of daily alchemical opportunity. 0:00 every day, will reset the number of players in the alchemical and assistance.

Alchemy system is turned on by default once arcane alchemical times. Every three alchemists, will certainly get a Mystic Alchemy. Occult alchemists, players can participate in the occult alchemical together by inviting other players to gain massive gold. Players will also get assistance paid a lot of money.

2, the bounty hunter

Players have the opportunity to once a day adventure on the sea, the expedition will last one hour, during which there will be the opportunity to encounter pirates. Players will then kill, will be able to get on top of their respective standings bounty reward. If adventure among the rare encounter monsters, players can also get other players to help kill monsters together to get rewards.

3, mined

Players in the fierce battle over the day, you can also choose to increase the exploitation of mineral wealth in the mining area. In the mining area, players can battle with other players to capture some of the players to become their miners, to acquire wealth by monitoring their work. Of course, players can also grab other players to get the minerals to get more wealth.

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How to increase anger Legend Knight Raiders

Although it is just getting started with Legend Knight soon pass new players, but after a few days I contacted the game time to slowly increase deepening anger felt Legend Knight pass the initial value is still very important. Now give novices to write a biography about the importance of Legend Knight increased anger, do not like do not spray. Also pointed out that I look old players understand the wrong place.

  1. PK initial anger, I think if you <16 then the same Mofang. Physical defense and magic attack. Base physical attack on either the first shot which side I think is absolutely the initial anger> 16 players will win because they can put a justice storm was quite critical.
  2.  Copies are often too small then the point you could not put your skills, anger leads to injury may cause you to not get a copy of failure
  3. Activities BOSS have enough anger have enough output, recruit heroes once every shot +4 rage, in other words, each turn can reply to 12:00 fixed rage. So the key to how to maximize the output of it of course is manually operated. The initial anger> 20:00 combat skills available trial + + + raid trial. When the rage> 40 strike + Dragon roar + trials (raid) + Trial Note: When you learn the skills of the Dragon roar you know it there will be an increased risk of 30 rage so there will be a third round of surprise results

It late to write this review will continue to have posted. Concluded under facelift anger scarcity risks need to be cautious

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DDTank2 Weapon Behind the Scenes selfless experience table

DDTank2 Weapon Experience has shown dedication, Behind the Scenes

Each stone strengthened, increasing 10 basis experience, VIP regardless of grade increased by 50%, there are bonus blacksmith guild

+1 10

+2 50

+3 150

+4 350

+5 700

+6 1500

+7 2300

+8 3300

+9 4500

+10 6000

+11 7500

+12 9000

0-6 2760

0-9 12860

0-12 35360

So count 5 iron, VIP, weapons need to strengthen the stone from 0-12 1768, the task was too little point volume, will buy 3-5 day mission to strengthen the stone, mainly by the league, you can get about 200 a week or so. Plus the task, free players can be 100% about six weeks to strengthen the 12. RMB players faster, spend more than 5000 yuan, directly on the 12 day of.

Overall, you can, but need 0-9 12860 intensive experience, usually District, Association of iron is low, even opened the VIP, 0-6 need to strengthen the stone more than 150, 700 and 0-9 need to strengthen the stone. Between 6-9 strengthening too slow, I, as a long-term play players remind you that 20 weapons are not + 7 + 8. Copy of the task had not, then a copy of the 25 more high difficulty, daily copy of the task will be out of line, it is equal to a BUG.

Recommend improvements to increase Weapon tasks previously weapon +5, +8 successful quest will recommend + 6, + 7 also need to add a similar mission here, there would be out of line.

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DDTank2 role of growth remodeling

DDTank2 awaited coming soon, in this new version has undergone enormous changes in various systems, including the biggest change is the player growth system reconfiguration, the player to complete a variety of tasks available to a large number of binding points coupons in the game, tied fixed coupons available at the mall to buy a variety of Oh! pro!

Give you a detailed description of it:

  • A beginners guide

When first entering the game fun is that we want to optimize the boot process novice, novice guide the players will learn how to have fun Bouncing Church II, so that we become a master of faster, enjoy fun games !

· First the pole weapon

15 Surely we have to strengthen to a certain level of real weapons, and then want to become stronger players will certainly not satisfied. Do not worry! Each player can be used to bind coupons to redeem the game’s first pole weapon in the mall area, to enhance the combat effectiveness of a breeze!

The new card system is turned on

The Bouncing Church II reconstruction of card system again, players no longer need to rise to the full level of each card to get the best bonuses, just put the backpack of five slots to upgrade, you can who makes a variety of cards are equipped bonuses are given a high level of effectiveness and BUFF! greatly enhance combat immediately Oh! but each card also separate gold, silver, copper card three, of course, is the gold bonuses the best.

Mysterious pet system is turned on

Pet system is the most interesting Bouncing Church II system, with a cute pet strong senior campaign Quartet, think about all that excited. Players can also only develop their own pet farm pet, the higher the level the more powerful.

Each pet all have their own unique skills, dedicated to PK’s, have assisted his teammates have to make it easier to copy and ever-changing, per pet use for some time after the familiar can make your pet specialty victorious, invincible Oh!

Cultivation system is turned on

This is a can greatly increase the combat effectiveness of the local players, the most exciting is the Bouncing Church II, players can use the vouchers to purchase practicing medicine binding points in the mall.

Using Bind redeem coupons bracelets, rings

When the players to combat this level must have been very high, and the players use bind coupons convertible bracelets and rings, plus five all jewelry is no longer a dream!

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Sword Saga Stella mercenary analysis

Sword Saga Stella mercenary analysis , first Mogong hand , tied for first in the front output , the output of the second group , the third monomer output – a lot of front row skills are often gray pain , plus superimposed sustained damage ~ If God Isabel wood propped technical hunters mark , the output will not be tied for first in the front row blanket ~ curse of Weakness itself is also very good , weak curse mark superimposed on Isabel hunter , injuries can reach deeper terror * 119% 45% ( a skill effect when ) ~~Sword Saga an all skills , two of which can be superimposed on the chaos of the fire , with her 120% Mogong character attacks , groups can play a considerable damage – although the number of small group attack Beatty law, but 10% of the attack method Beatty High can make up ~

Here the strongest group shield , super thick , if not be dispelled , about the same time fighting force probably can not afford a whole round of blood ~Whole mercenary highest Mogong third crit growth , the strongest growth penetration , fully capable humanoid fort role ~

Short board or brittle. Without self-mutilation skills when penultimate double anti already very brittle , with the skills of self-mutilation is the first full- mercenary brittle. . . With her when we must pay attention to self-mutilation do not overdo it -Looking for a magic system powerful output , see here on the right ~

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Sword Saga Sports League play analytical skills

Sword Saga is the Best Browser RPG Game by the elite Seventh Avenue two years of painstaking research and development team to create the magical RPG web game . Players play the game , a mercenary commander, continue to accept commission from all forces in the adventure grew mercenary team to get to know the roots of many beautiful women , and eventually become the continent ‘s rescue Ireland Costa legendary hero .Sword Saga Sports League play analytical skills , a lot of friends in combat power is low when playing sports league are very distressed , the following players who say Jianying Athletic League play some tricks .

Now I’ll teach you a little secret sports league match opponent is random , but also by class match.

The first one you’re looking for a friend to create a series of low room The second two are looking for high- war with your friends The third time is half an hour before noon athletics beginning The fourth skill is to try to assist transferred route Before the fifth increase in the property to a variety of athletic medicine reel spendI hope the above description of the players have to help ! Oh happy game !

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Wartune Breaking News – The Mythic Dragon Medallion & Medallion Upgrades

How to Obtain:

Increase your Honor to 450,000 to obtain the new title, Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl, and you can exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion in the Arena Shop. Equip it for huge stat boosts!


1. Once your Honor level reaches Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl you can go to the Arena Shop to exchange for the Mythic Dragon Medallion.

2. Players can only receive 1 Mythic Dragon Medallion each time. The obtained medallion cannot be sold and lasts for 7 days.

3. The medallion can be enhanced by consuming Insignia. When you enhance the medallion it will gain EXP. Once the medallion EXP is maxed players may upgrade it to a higher rank. Upgrading the medallion consumes both Insignia and Empire Truncheons.

4. The medallion has ten ranks, from 1 to 10.

5. By consuming Insignia the item’s validity period can be extended. Normal Renewing increases the validity period by 1 day. Adv. Renewing increases the validity period by 15 days.

Stat Bonuses:

1. The Mythic Dragon Medallion has various ranks. The higher the rank, the greater the stat bonuses.

2. Once the medallion expires, all stat bonuses will disappear, however its rank and EXP will remain unchanged. Players may then consume Insignia to extend the items validity period and recover the stat bonuses.


1. Item description: Used to increase Honor by 500 and is not restricted by the daily honor limit.

2. Required level: Lvl.30

Wartune Breaking News – Shock System Introduction

The Shock system is oftentimes overlooked in Wartune so we are here to give it a brief intro! The Shock system is closely related to the Holy Seal system, offering big boosts while inbattle. To access the Shock system players must first access the Wheel of Fate panel by clicking the Fate button, located in the Inventory panel.

Also known as the Anti-Stun attribute system, the Shock system boosts your character’s Influence, a stat that decreases the chance of being stunned by enemies. Your character’s Influence can be upgraded by using Beads of Influence, which can be obtained through the Wheel of Fate or purchased in the Mystery Shop.

Wartune Breaking News – New Troops

Requirements: Level 70+

Two new troop types have been added: Demonic Angel and Demonic Knight. Both troops can be found in the Barracks.

Grand Lottery

Level Requirement: 35+


1. Access the Grand Lottery through the Hot Events panel.

2. Select an icon from the Tarots and the Astrology Signs panel. Both the Tarots and the Astrology Signs contain 12 icons. Players may randomly change their icon before and only before the wager has been confirmed. Players cannot wager when an icon has not been confirmed.

3. Select your wager type (Balens or Gold) after selecting your icons. Once your wager has been confirmed, you may not change your icon or wager currency.


1. First Prize: successful with both wagers; Second Prize: successful in any one wager.

2. Diamonds Wagers

a. First Prize: 1000 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 100 Bound Balens

3. Gold Wagers

a. First Prize: 500 Bound Balens

b. Second Prize: 50 Bound Balens

The lottery begins every day at 05:00. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail.





Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

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