Stormthrone RPG Games Reviews


When the Trium – Beruva, Umbral, and Tem – created Aeos, it

was war. With the Aeon Weapons in hand, they fought for the fr-

eedom of the Driftworld – and now, millennia later, so will you.


History’s greatest heroes and vilest villains have taken up the

Aeon Weapons.


But their time has passed – now it’s your turn!


As the children of a world forged in war, the heroes of Aeos have

always fought with honor, distinction, and strength. Yet this gen-

eration is different. Abilities thought beyond the reach of humani-

ty have begun to manifest in Dawnhold, infusing ancient martial

traditions with raw arcane potential. No matter what destiny you

choose, the enemies of Aeos will have ample reason to fear you!




When the death of the storm god Tem sealed Aeos away from armies of the Voice Below, it also released the dangerous and uncontrollable essence of chaos into the world. To become a Mage is to embrace Tem’s legacy of change, innovation, and elemental mastery. Though studying the arcane arts can leave Mages physically fragile, their long-range abilities destroy most foes before they get the chance to strike.

Crazy Bid in TitansRise II

Who told you that there was no auction in ARPG game? TitansRise II offers you a funny Crazy Bid event this week. You don’t believe in? It doesn’t matter, hurry up to look at the Crazy Bid in TitansRise II!



Is the Secular Bird beautiful? It’s not only beautiful, but also full of power. Hope you have the good luck to own it. Besides, there are various events for TitansRise and TitansRise II every week. Do you want to know more? Just join us! You will experience a fantastic and wonderful world in TitansRise!




TitansRise is an MMORPG game based on Western myths, which presents us the luxuriant effects of magic, using dynamic 2.5D computer graphics. It absolutely brings striking experiences that no one has ever encountered before in the traditional online games.


Official website:

Ticket Center

General information


What is a horse racing game, without betting? Whether you are  a rookie, or a veteran punter, the ticket center is where big money is made… Or lost.


Do you have a good feeling about a horse?

Or do you have a betting strategy?

This is where it happens!

And next to winning gold, you will also receive Lucky stars, which are needed to hire a jockey in the jockey club.

Do you have the guts to bet big? The ticket center will be available at level 1, right after you have finished your first race.

In the top section, you are able to bet on single horses. The lower the number, the higher the chance that this horse will win the race. In this race, the number 5 horse, ‘Smooth Sword’ with jockey club Bok Chua’ would have the biggest chance with odds 2.6.

But what do these numbers mean? Well that’s easy, if the horse you have bet on, wins the race, your bet will be multiplied by the odds. So if this horse would indeed win the race, and you have bet 1 million gold on him, you would get 2.6 million in return.

On top of that, you will receive Lucky stars, which are needed to hire jockey club. The amount of lucky stars you will receive, depends on the height of your bet, and the odds. The more money you win, the more lucky stars you will receive.

If you have bet on a horse, but he loses, you will receive 1 lucky star.

Note: To be able to bet, you need to have


The numbers at the bottom are for combinations. In the punters world they are called ‘Quinella’. In this case, you pick 2 horses. But be aware, that both horses, MUST finish the race in first and second place. If 1 of the 2 horses wins the race, but the second horse comes in third, you will lose your bet.

I have picked 2 horses, but I’m confused in how to bet on them…

No matter which 2 horses you pick, the easiest way to navigate through all the numbers

The Hot Browser Game Sword Saga is Coming

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser, you could feel free to try it on the best browser game on the Sword Saga Official Site. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.


Background Story

5,000 years ago, Lady Isil defeated the Demon Army, sealing them deep into the mountains, but she paid great cost, as she transformed into the mines. Now, the story forgotten, the greedy humans are drilling deep mines into the mountains, and the Demons have found their way out. Heroes and Mercenaries will find themselves into a war they never asked for.


As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. It’s the same case in the world of Sword Saga. It’s important to have good helpers when you are in battle. 


Unlike many other browser games, Sword Saga has eight mercenaries players can recruit and from which they can bring three into battle. They each have their own specialty. Players can choose the formation and mercenary skills according to needs. Different formations can usually mean the difference between life and death.


If you would like to join this hot browser game, just come to the Sword Saga Official Site: